You can earn
money on bitcoins
even when prices
are falling.


We do not charge management fees, only a small percentage of profits. We only make money when you make money!

Working with us is easy and convenient

  • We trade for you24/7.
  • We quickly react to changes in the market, earning not only on the growth rate, but also on its decline.
  • You don’t need any financial experience. You don’t have to learn how to trade.
  • We help you with opening an account on a crypto stock exchange and with raising / withdrawing funds.

We only trade for our customers using API keys. This means you can see all transactions made by us, but no one to able to withdraw funds from your account except you and no one except you. Your money is always safe.


We manage risk sensibly and do not use leverage. Preserving our customers capital is our top priority.

Why we trade on the

  • Listed among the TOP-10 by trading volume.
  • Uses fiat currency pairs: ETH/USD, XRP/USD, EOS/USD, LTC/USD, BAB/USD.
  • Easy to trade via API-keys.
  • Multy-language interface available.
  • Convenient to raise / withdraw funds.
« I am the founder and director of LD ASSET MANAGEMENT LTD. Over the years, I have traded shares on the Moscow Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange, and also currencies with SAXOBANK, as well as commodity futures on major world stock exchanges (CMA, NYMEX, ICE FUTURES, NYBOT). In 2018, I established COINTOCO.IN and began dealing exclusively with cryptocurrency trading. Volatility allows us to achieve substantially higher returns while applying the same trading principles one would normally apply, without additional risk from leverage and without any of the inconveniences that come when assets expire. I am committed to delivering decent returns for our clients over the long term and building trustful relationships. Many of our clients have been our partners and friends for over 10 years. Let’s start making money together.

Always there for you. »